OneSpace Link

With the introduction of OneSpace Link, you now have access to a Microsoft Outlook plugin that works in perfect unison with your Evoko Liso room booking panel.

You can now handle all aspects of meeting room management directly from inside your Outlook calendar interface - giving you complete control.

  • Easily book the perfect room for your meeting, whether you’re planning ahead or need somewhere right now
  • Get the most from your room during the meeting, from scheduling updates to managing equipment – all at the touch of a finger  
  • Enhance your work environment with the Evoko Liso touch-screen panels with its easy-to-use interface, and friction-less integration with your existing IT infrastructure 

A smarter way...

Find the perfect room

Want a room with a view? Choose and book your meeting space based on its location, availability, facilities and size. Simply enter your meeting date, time and duration, then select a room with exactly the right facilities. In a fast-paced work environment, OneSpace Link keeps up. Manage simultaneous bookings at multiple locations with just one click in your Outlook calendar. If you need to move a booking to another location, OneSpace Link checks whether the room is still available.

If your meeting is cancelled, simply delete it from Outlook and OneSpace Link frees up the room, reducing no-shows.

Book equipment and services

OneSpace Link makes it easy to book additional services and equipment. Order catering and refreshments, organise layout services to set up the room for a workshop or training session, or request portable equipment such as flip-charts to be brought in for your meeting. You can see at a glance whether the services you want require advance notice or incur extra costs, so you’ll never be caught by surprise at the last minute.

Collaborate smoothly

Because OneSpace Link means you’re always in Outlook, you can check your colleagues’ calendars and select a meeting time, duration and  location  that  works  –  and  book it then and there. If you want a room near a particular service, department or even individual,

OneSpace Link will find the perfect place. Send meeting invitations, add new members, and integrate it all with your room booking.

Generate data and reports

Detailed insight into your organisation’s meeting patterns and behaviours enables you to optimise your resources and improve your meetings culture. OneSpace Link collects and processes up-to-the-minute data.

Analyse room usage, occupancy, no-shows, visitor numbers and more, and break it down by room type, facility, location, department or cost centre.

Do it all without leaving Outlook

Get a whole new world of functionality, but keep the interface you already know.

OneSpace Link puts everything right inside your Outlook calendar, with no need to use an external website. It’s straightforward, familiar and intuitive. What’s more, OneSpace Link’s self-service software makes set-up a breeze, with no installation engineer required. OneSpace Link can be used with Office 365, OWA, Outlook and OWA mobile.

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OneSpace Link is 100% scalable, providing a solution that will grow with your organisation, acting as a gateway to the full OneSpace software solution.

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