The complete meeting room, work space and event booking software for Microsoft Outlook mobile devices and web browsers.

CONCIERGE BOOKING is a facilities and meeting room booking software for Microsoft Outlook. The software handles all aspects of booking meeting rooms, desks, parking spaces, resources, catering and other services for meetings and events. 

The associated visitor management system offers visitor badges, improved security and self sign in from service kiosk. Meeting room screens can display current and future meetings while digital signage in the reception area ensures that all visitors are welcomed professionally and guided in the right direction.

CONCIERGE BOOKING does not need any SQL database, Internet Information Server or any installation on Microsoft Exchange.

Are you responsible for your company's meeting room digital signage, room and event booking or visitor management solutions?...

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Streamline your processes and integrate with Microsoft Outlook

Concierge - CAFM solution for Outlook

Meeting Room Booking

Easy meeting room scheduling through Microsoft Outlook. Plan your meeting and book the correct room on the basis of size, facilities, location, and meeting time.

Catering and Service Booking

Easy booking of catering, table arrangements, office supplies and other related services for meetings and events.

Resource Booking

Manage and book resources such as cars, bicycles, laptops, and audio visual equipment. Book several resources in one working process.

Car Park Booking

Increase the utilisation of the organisation's car parking spaces through an efficient handling and booking of the spaces through CONCIERGE SERVICES and Microsoft Outlook.

Hot Desk Booking

Desk sharing with CONCIERGE SERVICES optimises the desk usage and reduces the need for office space. Employees can easily book the right desk with the necessary facilities.

Visitor Management

Professional visitor management system that manages the visitor check-in and makes it easy to print personal visitor badges.

Meeting Room Displays

Interactive meeting room screens mounted outside the meeting rooms can display information about current and future meetings. Book, prolong and end meeting directly from the screens.

Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Display information about meetings for the day and guide visitors in the right direction. Select the hardware that fits best into your office environment.

Central Meeting Administration

A department or selected personnel can administer meetings and other resource bookings and move and/or cancel the employees' room and resource bookings.

Invoicing and Export of Data

Automatic transfer of the service units' costs regarding meetings and orders. The service unit or a financial responsible can perform the automatic transfer to the ERP application by the click of button.
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