Booking Software for Car Parking Spaces

The module CONCIERGE RESOURCES provides you with the opportunity to administer and book the organisation's limited car parking spaces. Thus, you are able to maximise the utilisation and provide all employees with an overview of the use and accessibility of the parking spaces. The meeting space software CONCIERGE SERVICES also allows users to book parking spaces on specified dates.

All bookings are easily performed through the calendar in Microsoft Outlook. It is also possible to add interactive floor plans of the parking area to remove any doubts about which space has been booked.

Benefits and functionality:

  • Booking of employee and visitor parking spaces through Microsoft Outlook.
  • Car park booking on requested dates in the week/month.
  • Business rules can be configured to enforce specific restrictions. These rules can, for instance, limit which parking spaces the users can book or selected spaces can have a person who needs to approve the bookings.
  • Interactive floor plan over the parking area.
  • Frees up parking spaces and greater utilisation
  • Possibility to add a daily/monthly price on the parking spaces. Subsequently, the costs can be subtracted from the employee's salary.
  • Reports on e.g., booking history, booking per employee, and future bookings.
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