Complete Event and Catering Booking Software

The event booking software handles all the catering and hospitality needs of a meeting or event. Book the associated catering and services at the same time as you book your meeting room, and assign visitors to the meeting from the same interface.

Use the same interface to appoint a meeting responsible person, specify meeting type and allocate a cost centre. Select different service units and specify different delivery times for the same meeting. The affected service units will receive the orders when the organiser sends the meeting request.


CONCIERGE CATERING is extremely flexible, allowing the administrator/s to create different menus and item selections for different rooms and service units, if required. It is possible to split up the menu list into different categories and sub-categories, and specify whether an item is available for all meetings or for external meetings only.

Descriptions and delivery rules can be added to each item, for instance minimum notice time, which rooms the item can be delivered to, is the item required when booking a meeting; you can also specify certain time slots where the item can be booked in. The flexible price management allows for different prices and currencies, the system can further automatically calculate variable VAT rates.

Service Units

Each service unit has their own access and receives orders to their Microsoft Outlook inbox, where they can accept or decline orders and get a complete overview. The service unit can write messages back to the organiser and adjust individual orders, if necessary. The service unit can make ad hoc orders for meetings where the organiser hasn't complied with the minimum notice time.

Invoicing and Integration to Financial Application

All data from CONCIERGE CATERING can easily be exported to a financial application such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Oracle, etc., with the module CONCIERGE EXPORT.

The system ensures that all data is correct and settled on the correct accounts. It is possible to insert approval procedures; the system can also send an email with information about the exported orders, to selected email addresses each time a person exports data.

Reporting Functionality

With the reporting functionality, the service units, the organiser and the administrators, can take out reports on all the necessary booking statistics. The service unit can take out reports on deliveries today, a total of ordered items, invoice lists, meetings today, etc.

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