Wayfinding and Digital Signage

Welcome visitors professionally, direct visitors in the right direction, and display information about the daily meetings on one or several monitors in the reception area with the module CONCIERGE DISPLAY.

CONCIERGE DISPLAY automatically sends information to the screen depending on which bookings have been created in the individual meeting rooms' calendars. Insert filters to display selected meetings on the screen, for instance, meetings with external participants only, meetings in a specific section or on a certain floor.

Benefits and functionality:

  • One or several screens in the reception area can display information about the daily meetings.
  • The screen can be split into several areas which enables them to show more than one type of information at the same time. For instance, ads, news, and meeting information.
  • Direct visitors in the right direction.
  • It is possible to customise the layout to the organisation's needs.
  • The screens are automatically updated live, based on the appointments the employees have created in their Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • It is possible to insert filters, so only certain meetings are displayed on the screens, e.g. meetings with visitors or meetings in a specific building.
  • CONCIERGE DISPLAY supports all screen types and info kiosks.
  • CONCIERGE DISPLAY supports all internet browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, IOS Safari, etc.
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