Desk Booking and Workplace Sharing in Microsoft Outlook

Increasingly, more organisations work flexibly, with employees rarely located at the same desk for long periods of time. This means that the employees' need for a permanent desk are decreasing. The module CONCIERGE RESOURCES allows employees to book and share desks in a large office environment. Through Microsoft Outlook, employees can book hot desks in a specified time period and with the necessary facilities, such as silent zone, telephone, etc.

Benefits and functionality:

  • Hot desk booking through Microsoft Outlook.
  • Desk sharing.
  • Book a desk/workstation in advance or directly.
  • Possible to add a description to each desk.
  • Easy to see when a given workplace is available.
  • Search for available desks with the necessary facilities, e.g., phone, silent zone, headset, or stationary computer.
  • Business rules can be configured to enforce specific restrictions. These rules can, for instance, limit which workplaces the users can book or selected workplaces can have a person who needs to approve the bookings.
  • Book the hot desk directly from a touch screen located strategically in the office.
  • Interactive floor plans of the office space and desk placements.
  • Reports on e.g., utilisation, previous, present, and future bookings, and cancellations.
  • Need for fewer desks and thus, smaller office space.
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