Export of Data to the Organisation's ERP-Application

The module CONCIERGE EXPORT allows a service unit, such as a kitchen or facility department, to export all costs associated with meetings for settlement. With CONCIERGE EXPORT an organisation can export all data from CONCIERGE SERVICES into an ERP applications, such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV etc.

Benefits and functionality:

  • The service unit determines an interval in which to search for orders to export. Only orders that have been fulfilled are eligible for export, thus, future orders cannot be exported as these are considered unfulfilled.
  • Electronic bills contain all relevant information such as entry information, items, meeting participants, etc.
  • Flexible set up of account and payable dimensions.
  • The service unit gets an overview of all orders ready for export.
  • The overview gives the service unit a clear view of the orders before accepting the export.
  • The service unit can correct the list, decide which orders to export, and validate data before exporting.
  • Supports OIOXML and CSV format.
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