Meeting Room Booking Software for Microsoft Outlook

Unique meeting room booking software which makes it easy to book meeting rooms of the required size and location, and with the necessary equipment. Users no longer have to spend valuable time finding an available room with the correct specifications.

Book meeting rooms from Microsoft Outlook, Web or from meeting room screens, with no risk of double bookings. Interactive floor plans can be added to enhance user friendliness; users can also define their favourite views.

Benefits and functionality:

  • Booking of meeting rooms accross locations.
  • Booking of meeting rooms based on e.g., size, location, and equipment.
  • Booking from smartphones and Microsoft Outlook Web Access.
  • No double bookings.
  • Overview of the meeting room's facilities and placement.
  • Possible to limit the rooms to a certain group (for instance, only displaying rooms at the employee's own location).
  • Possible to add a rental fee to each individual meeting room.
  • Business rules can be configured to enforce specific restrictions. These rules can for instance limit which meeting rooms the users can book or selected rooms can have a person who needs to approve the bookings.
  • Room booking from meeting room displays.
  • Possible to add "buffertime" between each room booking ensuring that a service supplier has time to prepare the meeting room for the next meeting.
  • Meeting room overview with a list of available rooms that fulfill the user's criteria.
  • Interactive floor plans where available rooms are marked in green and occupied rooms are marked in red.
  • Explanation field for each room, so the person who maintains the information about the rooms is able to state useful information.
  • Possible to add pictures of each meeting room.
  • Reporting functionality, e.g., utilisation, daily or weekly bookings, history, cancellation and future bookings.
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