Unique Meeting Room Display Software

Interactive meeting room displays can show information about current and future meetings in the rooms. It is possible to book the meeting room and prolong/end a meeting directly from the display. It is further possible to customise the layout on the meeting room display screens.

CONCIERGE DISPLAY works with all browsers, screens and tablets, and supports all browsers and operating systems.

Benefits and functionality:

  • Displays detailed information about the meeting in progress.
  • Displays information about future meetings.
  • Book meeting rooms directly from the screens (requires touch screen).
  • Prolong a meeting room booking directly from the screen.
  • End a meeting room booking directly from the screen, freeing the room on the Microsoft Exchange server.
  • Possible to customise the layout to the organisation's needs.
  • Possible to require that meetings in the room are to be accepted on the screen between XX minutes prior to the scheduled initiation of the meeting and XX minutes after the scheduled beginning. Otherwise, the room is freed on the Microsoft Exchange server.
  • The display screens can have green backgrounds when rooms are free and red backgrounds when they are occupied.
  • Possible to show AV equipment status in the rooms on the screens.
  • Possible to report AV equipment error in the room directly from the screen. Email will be sent to a service unit containing information about the error.
  • CONCIERGE DISPLAY supports all internet browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer, IOS Safari, etc.
  • CONCIERGE DISPLAY can be used for booking of other resources, such as cars or AV equipment.
  • The software can also be installed on an ordinary PC, e.g., allowing a service department or the reception to create an overview of, controlling, and booking the equipment accessible in the organisation.
  • The software works with all monitors e.g. iPads and other touch screens.
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