Unique Meeting Room Display Software

CONCIERGE DISPLAY supports all types of screens and tablets. You can therefore select the screen that fits best into your office environment. Below are some examples on screens and tablets that can be used as meeting room displays.

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iPad or iPad Mini

CONCIERGE DISPLAY supports iPad and iPad Mini. These screens are a very elegant meeting room display solution. The software is easy to install and configure on the iPad. We also offer a mounting case for iPad and iPad Mini.

Traditional Touchscreens

The traditional touch screen for meeting rooms. Build it into the wall or mount it on the wall outside each meeting room.

Windows or Android Tablets

CONCIERGE DISPLAY works with all Android and Windows based tablets. These screens work very well as meeting room displays. The illustrated Samsung screen is a good alternative if you prefer to use Windows or Android.

Room Screens without Touch

Regular meeting room screens without touch are a good solution for organisations that do not want users to book meeting rooms from the screens. These screens can display current and future meetings in the rooms, and only need internet access.

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