User-friendly Resource Booking Software

CONCIERGE SERVICES is a complete booking software for all types of resources, including meeting rooms. The resource booking software handles all types of resources and makes it easy for the users to book cars, laptops, projectors, etc.

The available resources can be divided into different resource groups and it is possible to specify a location for each resource. Different business rules can be added so that only selected users are allowed to book the resources or selected resources need to have a person who accepts the bookings.

The resource booking software ensures that double bookings will never happen again and all users receive a complete overview of the resources.

Benefits and functionality:

  • Booking of all sorts of resources.
  • Book resources across locations.
  • Complete overview of the availability of the resources.
  • Possible to add a flexible rental price on selected resources.
  • Logical split up into groups of resources, e.g. cars, projectors, gps, etc.
  • Complete overview of the specific features of the resources.
  • No double bookings.
  • Business rules can be configured to enforce specific restrictions. These rules can, for instance, limit which resources the users can book or selected resources can have a person who needs to approve the bookings.
  • Description field for each resource, in which it is possible to add useful information about the resource.
  • Integrated reporting functionality. Take out reports on e.g. utilisation, previous, present, and future bookings, cancellations, etc.
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