Visitor Management Software

Visitor management software for Microsoft Outlook that ensures both pre-registered and walk-in visitors are received in the best possible manner.

The visitor management software will enhance the security procedures and provide the reception staff with a complete overview of meetings and guests. From the dashboard, the reception staff can see visitors who are pre-registered by the employees and also visitors that are present at the moment. The integrated search functionality allows the reception staff to search for specific visitors, hosts or badge numbers.

Visitors can sign in from an info kiosk or the reception staff can make the registration in the system. Once the visitor has been signed in the visitor management software can send an email or a SMS to the host and the system will print a visitor pass (badge). The badge can contain e.g. security procedures, name on visitor, name on host, photo, Wi-Fi code, bar codes, individual badge number, etc.

Benefits and functionality:

  • The reception staff can sign in visitors and check them out.
  • The visitor management software can automatically send an email or SMS to inform the host that their guest has arrived.
  • Print personal visitor badges (labels).
  • The visitor badges are designed for the individual organisation.
  • All visitor information is stored. For instance, arrival and departure time, purpose of the visit and who the visitor met with.
  • The reception staff has a complete overview of the guests that are present, who they are visiting, and where they are supposed to be.
  • Digital signage on an information monitor in the reception area can guide guests in the right direction and provide information about e.g., meetings for the day.
  • Report functionality. Take out reports on e.g., today's meetings, today's visitors, which visitors are present right now, etc.
  • The reception staff can search for visitors, visitor badge number, hosts or specific meetings.

Pre-registration and visitor invitation
  • Employees can assign visitors to their meetings directly through the meeting request in Microsoft Outlook. The employee who is expecting a visitor fills out the data relating to the visitor or imports the person from the address book in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Employees can pre-register a whole group through the meeting request in Microsoft Outlook. The employee is able to state the size of the group, name a primary contact, and fill out data about the guests.
  • The system can automatically send a SMS or email to the visitor as a reminder of the meeting (will only work if the visitor has been pre-registered with a telephone number or email address).

Self sign in from info kiosk
  • Visitors can sign in from a self service kiosk, an iPad, a windows or Android tablet or from a pc in the reception. When the guest has finished the registration a visitor badge is automatically printed and the reception staff can hand it out to the guest.
  • The self sign in functionality supports all hardware and internet browsers.
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