Personal Visitor Badges for the Organisation's Guests

The module CONCIERGE RECEPTION enables you to print a personal guest badge for the visitors at the same time as they are being checked in. If an employee has pre-registered a guest through CONCIERGE SERVICES all information on the guest will automatically come out on the guest badge. The reception can also add all the necessary information if the guest has not been pre-registered.

Guest badges are adjusted and designed for the individual organisation and contain the desired information.

Guest badge opportunities:

  • Individual design.
  • Print guest badges in advance.
  • The guest badge can contain the visitor's personal information, for instance name, photo, and purpose (i.e. workman, consultant, standard guest etc.)
  • The guest badge can contain relevant information such as name on host, date, card number, organisation logo, etc.
  • The receptionist can determine which security level the badge is valid for.
  • The guest badge can contain en time limited wireless internet access key.
  • The guest badge can contain barcodes, for instance, for checking guests out easy.
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