Booking in with Evoko Liso

Making meetings event smoother

Once again we are proud to revolutionise the way we meet. Since 2010 Evoko Room Manager has taken the hassle out of room bookings. This was the original touch-screen solution for all your meeting rooms. No more double bookings, confusion and interrupted meetings.

Now we launch the next generation Room Manager: Evoko Liso. 

Even brighter and lovelier to look at, believe it or not. With the same mission as ever – making sure all your meeting rooms are being used in a truly effective way.

Bright and helpful

Evoko Liso is built on a completely new platform. With a new, smooth look and graphical user interface. It’s easier than ever to book a room with your favorite digital calendar, or directly on the screen using your fingertip.

All relevant information is elegantly presented on the screen. You can even search for other rooms and book them on any Evoko Liso within the network. Find the optimal room based on availability, size or equipment.

The multi-touch screen has a very high resolution and brightness, and is more intuitive than ever. Evoko Liso actually changes information on the display when someone walks up to it. All thanks to a built in proximity sensor.

Evoko Liso gives you full insight into your organization’s meeting patterns to really optimize resources. 

You get decision-making support that truly cuts cost by analyzing statistics in the web based Evoko Home – now more comprehensive than ever. Make sure you use the perfect room for every single meeting. It has never been easier to open a door to a much more efficient meeting culture.

Open and interactive

Evoko Liso works with your everyday WiFi or PoE/PoE+, you also have a RFID/NFC or PIN option. With an open API it is easy to interact with other 3rd party systems or piece of software. 

There are no extra plug-ins or additional software to learn. So easy and self-explanatory that anyone can master it without any prior training. All features can be reached with only a few simple touches.

Evoko Liso has a slim, new design. Easy to install and a true pleasure to look at outside every meeting room. 

 The original Evoko Room Manager won numerous design awards and we are very proud of this new generation. So smooth, helpful and bright. Your next meeting is just a fingertip away.

Software and Firmware Installation Files

Please review the System Admin Guide and User Manual before installing software/firmware.

Windows download now includes both EvokoHome Panel application and EvokoHome service. Installation instructions included in the download package.
Please download software like 7zip ( in order to extract that is will be download from windows download link.

Evoko Liso Sofware / Firmware downloads

Please ensure you read the latest release notes before updating. These can be found in the news section at


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Microsoft Exchange 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Google Apps for Work
  • IBM/Lotus Domino Smartcloud
  • IBM/Lotus Domino 8.5.3 – 9.x
  • Evoko Booking (stand-alone version)
  • Display
    • 8 inch capacitive touch with antifingerprint treatment
  • Connectivity
    • Wi-Fi
      • 802.11 a/b/g/n
    • Ethernet
      • RJ-45, 10/100/1000 Mbit
      • PoE & PoE +
        • IEEE 802.3af
    • 13.56 MHz reader compliant with ISO/IEC 18000-6:2013
      • ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B PCD 106 kbit/s to 848 kbit/s
      • ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B PICC 106 kbit/s to 424 kbit/s
      • Supports MIFARE 4K/1K reader encryption mechanism (does not support ISO 15693, MIFARE Ultralight C)
      • Reading NFC Forum tags (MIFARE Ultralight, Jewel, FeliCa open tag,SO/IEC 14443-4)
  • Power
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE), or
    • 12V AC/DC power adapter (accessory)
  • Sensors
    • Proximity sensor
    • Ambient light sensor
  • Mounting
    • Mounting options for both standard and glass walls
    • 5-way cable exit option for easy and neat installation
  • Other
    • 3-way indirect light aura to make room status visible already from a distance
    • Open API for third party integration
    • Communication via real-time two-way connection
    • Remote management with multi-site support
    • Real-time monitoring & statistics
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