Fischer & Kerrn 10.1" RFID Room Booking Panel

The Fischer & Kerrn meeting room touch screen is a sleek and elegant room panel that is powered over Ethernet and has built in NFC/RFID technology.

The meeting room touch screen shows room availability and other necessary booking information. It also enables users to easily make instant bookings directly from outside the meeting room.

Users can start, extend and end their meetings from the meeting room panel and the bright LED lights makes it easy to find available rooms from a distance.

User authentication has been made easy with the NFC/RFID technology and users can easily check in to their meetings and make new bookings simply by holding their RFID card up to the screen.

The Fischer & Kerrn room screen comes with two standard layouts, but it is possible to request a unique branded layout.

The meeting room touch screen is easy to mount on both wall and glass.

Room Screen Functionality

Tri Colour LED Lights

Bright red, green and amber LED lights indicate if a room is free, occupied or occupied within short time.

NFC/RFID Technology

The meeting room touch screen has RFID card reader. Start, book, extend and end your meetings by using your employee card with RFID/NFC chip.

Power over Ethernet

The meeting room touch screen is powered over Ethernet. This has many advantages and one of them is that you only need one cable for both internet and electricity.

Start, Extend and End Meetings

From the meeting room touch screen you can start your meeting. if this is not done the room will be released on Microsoft Exchange. You can also extend and end your meetings from the room panel.

Make New Bookings

You can view bookings in the meeting room and make new instant bookings from the room screen. You can also use Microsoft Outlook and CONCIERGE BOOKING SOFTWARE.

Manage No Shows

The meeting room touch screen can release the booking when users do no show up for their meeting. No shows can be tracked and thus it is possible to bring down the no show rate.
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