AquaMate iPad® Case™

AquaMate™ is a low cost water resistant case for iPad®, especially designed for outdoor and recreational use.

With AquaMate™ you can enjoy your iPad® in multiple environments, without risking getting it wet and damaging it. The design allows the user to use the touch screen, home button and the camera(s) on the iPad®. Within seconds the iPad® can be placed inside the AquaMate™ and removed again without the need for tools.

Standard frame colours are white and black. Other colours on request and only with large orders.

  • Water and dust tight IP 65 certified
  • Fits all iPad® versions
  • Protection against water splashes, scratches and dust
  • Available colours: black, white
  • Usable in kinder gardens, schools and most outdoor environments: sailing boats, shipping, beach activities, and more