Cutting Costs with Room Booking Software

Posted 30/08/2013

We offer 5 ways that a room booking system can cut costs across the workspace.

Room booking systems can facilitate the driving down of costs in an organisation by delivering vital information to Facilities Managers. Yet, there are not only monetary gains to be made. We offer 5 cost-efficiencies that a room booking system can realise...

  • Place:

    no booking of costly external meeting rooms.

  • Power:

    empty rooms can be closed for a set period, so they do not consume electricity and heating.

  • Productivity:

    room booking systems streamline the booking process so employees do not waste valuable time searching for a vacant meeting room.

  • Patterns:

    statistics provide a global picture of trends and performance, such as room utilisation, which inform meeting culture.

  • Perception:

    an efficient room booking system will speak volumes to customers, visitors and guests.

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by Anders + Kern