Environmental Benefits of Room Booking Systems

Posted 03/10/2013

Room booking systems can help to reduce an organisation’s energy consumption by offering key intelligence about workspace and resource utilisation.

Energy management continues to be high on the agenda for senior management with energy costs representing a significant cost for the bottom line. With prices continuing to rise, Facilities Managers need to act fast and invest in sustainable technologies to maximise long-term energy efficiency.

Spearheading the drive for energy management are room booking systems, which offer efficient control of building environments and can significantly reduce energy consumption. These efficiencies can be achieved by drawing upon the intelligence that room booking technologies, such as Evoko and RoomWizard, provide on room occupancy and reservation patterns.

These metrics can inform the coordination and management of energy consuming systems (i.e., lighting, air conditioning and heating) to reduce energy wastage. For example, businesses can ensure that light and heating settings are appropriate for the time of the day and occupancy levels, while empty rooms can be closed for a set period, so they do not consume electricity and heating.

Building Efficiencies

Resource management software can offer efficiencies on a wider scale; resource booking, visitor management, hot desking and car park management are all aimed at building efficiencies. Facilities and meeting room booking software Concierge Services is designed to reduce wastage and maximise performance in an organisation by providing employees with a centralised system to book, manage and control their workspace and resources. Similarly, this software provides business intelligence on utilisation levels which can be fed back into the business to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Energy Saving Behaviour

However, employees need to adopt energy saving behaviour for the energy efficiencies of room booking systems to be realised, for example, cancel a booking if it is no longer needed, and book meeting rooms for the appropriate occupancy. This change in culture, coupled with the tangible efficiencies that room and resource management systems provide, will achieve maximum savings and drive long-term energy efficiency.

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