Meeting Room Management

Posted 31/07/2013

Why effective meeting room management can maximise efficiency and productivity in any organisation.

For many organisations, meetings are a fundamental part of the decision-making process, as a result, meeting and conference rooms are now being utilised more than ever before. For Facilities Managers, this culture has given rise to a complex issue: meeting room management. In many businesses and institutions, the management of available spaces is far from streamlined, which can have a direct impact on efficiency and productivity.

A recent Workplace Survey* showed that 40% of workers waste up to thirty minutes a day searching for a space to collaborate. Room booking systems are designed to tackle this problem, providing businesses with simple, easy to use solutions that streamline the room management process. With these systems, users can search for and allocate rooms instantly and seamlessly. Gone are the days of lost bookings and double booked rooms!

Room booking systems, such as the Evoko Room Manager and RoomWizard, allow users to make, confirm, extend or cancel a booking directly on the screen. Users can also make reservations remotely via the web, laptop or smartphone. Once a booking has been made, calendars in Microsoft® Outlook®, Lotus Notes® (RoomWizard), or Google Apps for Business (Evoko) are automatically synchronised, removing the need for any manual update.

Easy, huh? The reservation processes offered by room booking systems are a darn site easier, and quicker, than the complex booking procedure that many, often larger, companies still have in place. Admittedly, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all system, but room booking system can be as complex or simple as the environment demands.

Meeting Intelligence

Businesses can also benefit from the meeting intelligence that these systems provide. Room Booking Systems can offer a global picture of trends and performance, such as room utilisation, which inform meeting discipline and culture.

Understanding how these resources are used can also deliver significant cost savings. For example, empty rooms can be closed for a set period, so they do not consume electricity and heating. Equally, a large room booked for a few people can exhaust available valuable resource.

Though Facilities Managers employ different methods to manage rooms, the efficiency and meeting intelligence that room booking systems offer, can underpin the most complex room management process. With no sign of the meeting culture slowing down, these systems, give Facilities Managers the tools to manage rooms smarter and more efficiently.

* realised over the last 10 years

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